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For oil & gas, industrial plants, and municipalities – installing pipelines, gas, fibre optics, power, water and sewer lines.

Health & Safety

Omni Directional Boring has a full time HSE team committed to ensuring we operate with a continued focus on safety, ensuring all of our employees and yours go home safely each day.

Our Safety Philosophy

Omni has embraced a safety culture that reaches beyond an employee’s regular work day to encompass all aspects of our lifestyles. – Safety 24/7- reflects the company philosophy that our employees keep safety in the workplace and in their home lives every day. To reinforce this ideology, the Company dedicates time in each safety meeting outside of day to day operation reviews to discuss employee suggested safety topics outside the scope of Company related work.

An open door concept is encouraged in all facets of our operations and is a focal point during the onboarding process for any new employee. All employee levels from senior management to a short service employee are given the opportunity to speak freely with any questions or suggestions he or she might have to assist in the safety of themselves or the surrounding employees and persons.

Keeping a – Safety 24/7- mindset is the framework behind Omni Directional Boring’s Health and Safety program that meets the ultimate goals and objectives of keeping our people and those around them safe while providing our customers with a quality finished product and the knowing that Omni Directional Boring is a Company that can be relied on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get the job done safely.

We are COR certified and operate on the following client share safety management systems:

  • Avetta
  • ISNetworld
  • Complyworks
  • Contractor Compliance
  • CQN Advantage


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