Industries We Serve

Directional Boring Services

For oil & gas, industrial plants, and municipalities – installing pipelines, gas, fibre optics, power, water and sewer lines.

Industries We Serve

Omni is accomplished in completing a wide range of horizontal directional drilling services, from major water course crossings to short back alley service shots. We have successfully completed bores over 1,000 meters (3,280 ft) in length and 900 mm (36”) in diameter.

Oil & Gas

Our fleet of drills makes us the right choice for your pipeline HDD requirements. With a large fleet of 100,000 lbs and 220,000 lbs drills, we can tackle project that require multiple drills. We dispatch each drill with a full spread of support equipment including:

  • Picker truck for rod basket changes – we don’t depend on your hoe to change our baskets
  • Water truck – we can haul the water to our rig so you don’t need to worry about it
  • Mud system – we can mix the bentonite and additives required to get through the various formation encountered
  • Crew truck with tooling – to make sure we are ready for whatever the bores bring.

We have successfully completed bores over 1,000 meters (3,280 ft) in length and 900 mm (36”) in diameter, and are experienced in completing the major engineered crossings. We can provide full mud recycling systems with mud tanks, shakers, centrifuge, generator and 400 BBL tank, off board mud pumps, Paratrack 2 wireline guidance system, and full rock tooling packages for pilot holes and reams in rock formation. We are experienced in conductor barrel installation to make sure any surface frac outs are removed and drilling starts in solid ground.

We can also provide fully stocked contingency trailers to provide the extra level of support required to help protect the environment during HDD operations.



Our crews are expert providers of HDD and pipe fusion services on industrial sites. Our qualified staff understand the unique requirements of working in plants and ensure the job gets done safely.

We have worked in many of the major refinery, upgrader, mining, chemical, and waste water facilities throughout Western Canada, installing everything from firewater systems to security conduits.

Whether it’s upgrading aging infrastructure or expanding existing facilities, we provide you with the trenchless service expertise to get the job done with minimal disruption to your plant, helping keep your operations on line.

We’re also specialists in drilling in tank farms, completing bores under oil storage tanks for the installation of cathodic detection and groundwater monitoring lines.

Work with a highly experienced team for your next project.


This is where it all started for Omni Directional boring decades ago. We are the leader in the trenchless installation of residential and rural gas lines, power conduits, and telecommunications lines.

We have the experienced staff and versatile fleet made to service the tight requirements of residential neighborhoods. And more importantly, we know how to navigate the complex underground network often found when drilling shallow utilities in an urban setting.

We ensure safety is at the forefront when crossing the intricate web of lines found underground.

Water & Sewer

Omni is a leader in the directional drilling of water and sewer lines. Typically involving the trenchless installation of HDPE or PVC pipe, we can provide the directional drill and pipe fusion of water and sewer lines, outfalls, and slip line projects.

We have successfully bored lines from 25 mm (1 inch) to 900 mm (36 inch) in diameter. So whether you need a residential water service installed under a driveway, or you require a major sanitary force main installed under a highway, we have the experienced personnel and properly sized equipment to get the job done right.


Work with a highly experienced team for your next project.

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