As we enter the upcoming spring construction season, we are enthusiastic about writing the next chapter of our company story under our new name, Omni Directional Boring. We are excited to move forward with our same experienced field staff, and a continued focus on safe, efficient, and high-quality services. Led by the same management team that you’ve worked with for years, we are all eager to get the upcoming spring construction season into full swing.

We are proud to announce our recent purchase of two new Vermeer 40×55 Directional Drills. These drills are a perfect size to complete your longer in town bores of gas, power, and fiber optic conduits, smaller diameter water and sewer lines, as well as completing smaller scale pipeline work. One drill is based out of our Calgary location and one is based out of our Nisku location.

As previously announced, we have started our rebranding process over to Omni Directional Boring. We’ve begun painting and decaling our existing fleet, and we can’t wait for you to check out our new colors, white, grey, and Omni Blue!

As we continue our transition to Omni Directional Boring, we are creating an independent Omni network and are in the process of converting to standalone systems to support our financial, safety and project management processes. We will be providing more details for invoicing, new email addresses, and other relevant items as our systems are ready to go live.

Changes are coming around the office too. We are relocating our Calgary office from our current shared location to a standalone facility close to our existing location. We are also undergoing renovations at our current Nisku location to allow for an improved training facility and increased office space for growth. Once we move into the new Calgary location, we will pass along the address.

Lastly, we are working towards our new website, Once the site is complete, you’ll be able to check out our full spectrum of services, the industries we serve, our management team, our locations, and our commitment to health and safety. Stay tuned for more updates!
Going forward, we plan to send out the Omni Bulletin on a quarterly basis, updating you on our equipment, our people, and the projects we have completed for you, our customers. For more information, please contact Joe Ruptash at 780.221.6724 or Darren Humniski at 587.226.8941.

Keep safe,
The Omni Directional Boring Team